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What is a Cheese Wedding Cake?

Imagine a tiered tower of artisan cheeses, hand-selected to create a perfectly balanced cheeseboard and cared for by our dedicated cheese-mongers to arrive in peak condition for your wedding day. What a fabulous centrepiece with a difference for your wedding breakfast!

The concept of cakes made from cheese gradually spread by word of mouth over the last few years to the extent that it has now become an ever popular way of adding an extra special touch to a couple’s Wedding Day. We are now delighted to be able to offer this Artisan twist to your special day.

We know what tastes fabulous and how to make it look stunning and we think cheese deserves to be the centre of attention too.

We can thoughtfully design a range of cheese wedding cakes, each of which we would be proud to have at the Head Table of our own wedding. Every cheese in your cake will be singled out for its outstanding qualities, and, when the tiers are put together, they will create the perfect harmony of appearance, texture and flavour.

Putting a cheese selection together for large numbers is never easy: You need to appeal to a broad church (even if you are getting married in a registry office!) and, while your cake may include something a little bit different and special, it should also have something that appeals to each of your guests.

With our knowledge and passion, we can help you choose the perfect cheese wedding cake for your special day. We know how important this is to you and we will be here to help make your day run as smoothly as possible. You can rely on us, through our care and selection, to deliver your cheese in peak condition. We are confident that you and your guests will appreciate the quality and exciting taste experiences of great cheeses that have been expertly handled.

Couples today don’t want to dispense completely with tradition, but love to bring their own personal touches to their wedding day. A Cheese Wedding Cake can make a real splash at the reception and is so much nicer than fruitcake with wine at the evening party.

While the bride is busy choosing her dress, her shoes and the flowers, here at last is a part of the wedding planning that the bridegroom can literally get his teeth into. The bride may be smelling the roses, but the groom just wants to get his hands on the cheese! Think how much fun you can have together, choosing the cheeses that will feature in your cake. You may want to include firm favourites, such as a tasty West Country Cheddar, a rich, creamy Stilton and a powerful Brie de Meaux.

The cheese has an important role to fulfil that fruit cake or profiteroles simply cannot – it is the ideal food to feed the hungry guests at the evening party that follows most weddings.

Cheese is the perfect protein-rich snack food, that, when partnered with bread or crackers and some good chutney or pickle, will mop up the wine and the beer, and keep energy levels up so you can dance all night.

And, what’s more, the bride and groom still get to cut the ‘cake’.

Don’t save our delicious cheese cakes for just one day in your life. They are perfect for anniversaries, christenings, birthdays or any day you feel like treating yourself or someone special.